Zagor Collana Scure 3 (di 6)

Series: Collana Scure

N°: 3

Zagor Collana Scure 3 (of 6)

Release: 05/12/2019

Type: Paperback

Size: 16 x 8 cm, b/w

Pages: 64

ISBN code: 978-88-6961-435-4

Barcode: 9788869614354

Price: 2,50

Plot: Jacopo Rauch

Script: Jacopo Rauch

Artwork: Raffaele Della Monica

Cover: Raffaele Della Monica

Notte di sangue

The young Oneida warrior Ombra Silenziosa joins Zagor, Cico and the soldiers escorting outlaw Lowell. But suddenly, out of nowhere, some strange luminous creatures materialize in front of them...