La banda degli spietati - Zagor 632 cover

Series: Zagor

N°: 632

Frequency: monthly

La banda degli spietati

Introduction: "Il ritorno di Blondie" continues, and Zagor & Cico forge the most unusual of the alliances!

Release: 02/03/2018

Barcode: 977112253404980683

Price: 3,90

Plot: Antonio Zamberletti

Script: Antonio Zamberletti

Artwork: Mauro Laurenti

Cover: Alessandro Piccinelli

A gang of bloodthirsty and untouchable robbers once roamed the Scanlon Creek area, and they went under the deserved nickname of the Band of Specters. Zagor & Cico are unwittingly forced to battle the man who led that gang, and they will fight alongside Blondie...