Zagor Odissea Americana - The boardgame

Price: 55,00

The boardgame Zagor Odissea Americana - produced by Ergo Ludo Editions licensed by Sergio Bonelli Editore - is based on the eponimouos, classic Zagor adventures by Guido Nolitta and Gallieno Ferri.

The game recreates that unforgettable adventure, enriching the experience with new elements based on the saga of the Spirit-with-the-Hatchet. 2-5 players can embark on the Zagor Odissea Americana adventures, for a 60-90 minutes play.

Bedsides the Ferry drawings, taken directly from the comics, the game sports unpublished art by Walter Venturi and Michele Rubini. Each copy of the games contains a poster by Rubini.