Dampyr 100 - Oro

Series: Dampyr

N°: 100

Frequency: monthly

Dampyr 100 - Gold


Release: 31/10/2018

Price: 5,00





Harlan wakes up in a world in between reality and fantasy... The only thing he barely remembers is that he's been killed... Are the flying creatures of that crepuscular world real? And what about the unbelievable subterranean place that professor Foster and the attractive Sandy O’Sullivan roam, where dangerous monsters crouch in the darkness?... Does the terrifying technological city where Martin De Vere offers him an alliance against the vampires exist for real?... De Vere will help Harlan if the dampyr promises him to kill Draka, his own father, believed by Martin to be the usurper of the legendary throne of “King of the World”...

This gold limited edition sports an exclusive golden cover, and is available in our Online shop and in comicbook stores only.

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