Nathan Never: Generazioni 1 - Variant

Series: Nathan Never Generazioni

N°: 1

Frequency: monthly

Nathan Never: Generazioni 1 - Variant

Cover: Antonio Serra

Release: 29/04/2018

Price: 6,00

Plot: Antonio Serra

Script: Giovanni Eccher

Artwork: Alessandro Russo

San Angeles 1963. World War Two has ended ten years ago, the antigravity is available everywhere on Earth, the Church of the Divine Presence is the dominant cult in a civilization extremely complex and violent.

Nathan Never is a former cop working for a lousy detective agency called Alfa Agency. His boss Edward Reiser asks him to find a man, Sigmund Baginov, who's on the run after the preacher and criminal Aristotele Skotos sent the serial killer Ned Mace after him!

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