Sparate sul pianista e altre storie

Series: Color Tex

N°: 12

Frequency: quarterly

Tex Color 12 - Variant


Release: 01/11/2017

Price: 8,00

Our Autumn Color album is as usual composed by short storiesa, that will see our Ranger facing a ruthless piano man, a strange alliance between a young and revengeful gunman and a gang of desperados led by a madman, a band of bounty hunters who are looking for summary justice, a bloody intrigue among cowboys and a nest of vipers hidden in a rathole of a town.

This variant limited edition sports an exclusive cover by Simone Bianchi, and is available in our Online shop and in comicbook stores only.

PLEASE NOTE: Maximum five copies per order. Orders that include this kind of product can be paid by Credit Card or Paypal only.