Tex 100 - Gold

Series: Tex

N°: 100

Frequency: monthly

Tex 100 - Gold


Release: 01/11/2017

Price: 5,00



Matias' bloodthirsty Apache cutthroats who terrorize the frontier area between Mexico and Arizona, subsidizing a network of vile renegades, are destined to come up against an insuperable obstacle. And yet the Yaqui witch doctor had warned Matias: the seven hawks seen flying about over the camp were a bad omen! Tex, Kit Willer, Kit Carson, Tiger Jack, Jim Brandon, Gros-Jean and Pat Mac Ryan are the seven titans summoned by the army to bring back order! If the rebel Matias were still alive, he would no laugh off the truthful omens as utter foolishness...

This gold limited edition sports an exclusive golden cover, and is available in our Online shop and in comicbook stores only.

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