L'assedio di Mezcali - Tex 710 cover

Series: Tex

N°: 710

Frequency: monthly

L'assedio di Mezcali

Introduction: A post station besieged by ruthless Yaqui predators…

Release: 07/12/2019

Size: 16x21 cm, b/w

Pages: 112

Barcode: 977112156104690710

Price: 3,90

Plot: Claudio Nizzi

Script: Claudio Nizzi

Artwork: Lucio Filippucci

Cover: Claudio Villa

Yaquis are rebelling… The remote post station in Mezcali has turned into a refuge for an army patrol, the passengers of a stagecoach, a gold miner, an outlaw, and two Rangers… They unite against a common enemy… But when in danger, their differences soon emerge…