Mille dollari per morire - Tex Nuova Ristampa 420 cover

Series: Tex Nuova Ristampa

N°: 420

Frequency: monthly

Mille dollari per morire

Release: 13/04/2017

Barcode: 977112403704370420

Price: 3,90

Plot: Claudio Nizzi/Mauro Boselli

Script: Claudio Nizzi/Mauro Boselli

Artwork: Vincenzo Monti/Guglielmo Letteri

Cover: Claudio Villa

Mounty Maker, bounty killer and murderer, finds the innocent Talberg on the ranch where he had hidden. Tex and Carson kill the three hangers-on of the bounty killer, who manages to run away using the elderly widow Desmond as a shield. It is Honda who gets his hands on Maker, his sister Nahomi’s murderer, and deals him a horrible death! A while later, while the pards follow the robber, Link Johnson, who has robbed the Silver Bell bank together with two accomplices, a meteor streaks across the Arizona sky. The next day, the ruffians erupt onto the Good Water ranch, taking the Masons hostage ...

In this issue: from page 5 to page 78 (by Nizzi and Monti); from page 79 to page 114, “La luce dallo spazio” (by Boselli and Letteri).

Sunday 1 October 1995

Monday 1 February 1999

Tuesday 21 March 2006