Cercatori di piste - Tex Nuova Ristampa 417 cover

Series: Tex Nuova Ristampa

N°: 417

Frequency: fortnightly

Cercatori di piste

Release: 31/01/2017

Barcode: 977112403704370417

Price: 3,50

Plot: Mauro Boselli

Script: Mauro Boselli

Artwork: Carlo Raffaele Marcello

Cover: Claudio Villa

The inflexible strictness of Major Craig, who had even sent his soldiers’ Indian wives away from the fort, has caused a desertion en masse led by Sergeant Torrence. The officer has set Mickey Finn on the heels of the fleeing soldiers, a Comanche half-breed who hates the Indians because of the severity of the methods with which they had raised him and who Tex saved when he escaped, still a boy, from the hated camp where he had grown up. Now Finn is a ruthless man-hunter, ally of bloodthirsty people like Hoss O’Brien’s desperados. Tex and Tiger Jack must prevent a massacre!

Saturday 1 July 1995

Sunday 1 November 1998

Tuesday 20 December 2005