Julia 200 - Variant

Series: Julia

N°: 200

Frequency: monthly

Julia 200 - Variant

Cover: Vittorio Giardino

Release: 02/05/2015

Price: 6,00

Plot: Giancarlo Berardi

Script: Giancarlo Berardi e Lorenzo Calza

Artwork: Cristiano Spadoni

Colors: Arianna Florean

This exclusive variant edition of Julia 200, published for Napoli Comicon 2015, is enriched by a special wraparound cover by Vittorio Giardino. Plus, the book is 144 pages instead of 128, with the 16 bonus pages containing the story "L'immagine perduta", an in-depth interview with Giancarlo Berardi and a backstage dedicated to the Investigator of the Soul.

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