La scatola dei trucchi

Series: Maxi Martin Mystère

N°: 6

Frequency: annual

La scatola dei trucchi

Introduction: Martin the Magician pulls two complete stories out of his hat, from the fantastic dimension of Zona X!

Release: 08/07/2015

Barcode: 977182645400150006

Plot and script: Alfredo Castelli, Enrico Lotti e Andrea Pasini
Artwork: Enrico Bagnoli e Gino Vercelli
Cover: Lucio Filippucci

Do you remember the “Young Prestidigitator” game boxes? They were full of tricks and surprising things. That’s just like this new volume, that reissues some of the best tales Martin Mystère invented and told. "La scatola dei trucchi" and "Al di là del tempo": two “impossible” stories from the fantastic world of Zona X.