Series: Lukas

N°: 12

Frequency: monthly


Introduction: Lukas vs Wilda: it's time for the final clash!

Release: 21/02/2015

Barcode: 977228412600450012

Plot: Michele Medda

Script: Michele Medda

Artwork: Massimiliano Bergamo e Vincenzo Acunzo

Cover: Michele Benevento e Lorenzo De Felici

Lukas can’t avoid a face-off with his nemesis anymore. He sweared to have his revenge on Wilda and he will have it at any cost, with the Reawakened, Andy, as an unexpected ally. But Wilda, for her part, must have her reeckoning with the Convito, too. And an ancient castle, the seat of the great council of the Reawakened, will be the theater of their final challenge!