Charvez il crudele

Series: Tex

N°: 652

Frequency: monthly

Charvez il crudele

Introduction: Tex against a ghost from the past...

Release: 07/02/2015

Barcode: 977112156100850652

Price: 3,90

Plot: Mauro Boselli

Script: Mauro Boselli

Artwork: Corrado Mastantuono

Cover: Claudio Villa

After many years, Charvez is back to have his revenge and take back his son, in order to make a ruthless Comanche warrior out of him. Along with the boy’s adoptive father, Rick Simmons, and a handful of volunteers, Tex starts on a dangerous chase, while Charvez and his raiders begin a long battle of nerves with them, trying to isolate Tex and Rick...