Series: Lukas

N°: 5

Frequency: monthly


Introduction: While Lukas is hunted, a mysterious suitor kidnaps young Jessica!

Release: 22/07/2014

Barcode: 977228412600440005

Plot: Michele Medda

Script: Michele Medda

Artwork: Andrea Borgioli

Cover: Michele Benevento e Lorenzo De Felici

The Reawakened, Victor and Zara, are breathing down Lukas’ neck, but he has another urgent situation to tackle: Jessica, Bianca’s teenage daughter, has been kidnapped by her suitor, Simon. His goal, though, is not to ask for a ransom: when he sheds his mask, the charming Simon appears to be a horrid hybrid with a beastly appearance. He goes by the name of “Mice King”… and he tells Jessica that he intends to make her his queen.