Maxi Zagor n°22

Series: Maxi Zagor

N°: 22

Frequency: half-yearly

Maxi Zagor n°22

Introduction: A timeless fight, from prehistoric times to Zagor's Darkwood!

Release: 17/07/2014

Barcode: 977182645300440022

Price: 7,90

Plot: Moreno Burattini

Script: Moreno Burattini

Artwork: Esposito Bros.

Cover: Gallieno Ferri

More than 10,000 years b.C., a community of cavepeople – terrorized by the close presence of a pack of sabre-toothed tigers – lived in the Meadowcroft caves, an isolated area of today’s Darkwood. The prehistoric men believe the Smilodons to be evil deities: only one of them, warrior Whi-Koah, is sure that they can be fought and killed and bravely chooses to go after them on his own... Thousands of years later, in the same place, Zagor tries to prevent a gang of hitmen, led by the the acrobat Shane, from reaching Professor Whitney’s expedition. "Doc" Lester is taking the anthropologist to the Meadowcroft caves, where Whitney would like to study some prehistoric graffiti. In the same spot where Whi-Koah fought against the Smilodons, an incredible clash begins and it seems to open a passage in time between two distant eras!