Series: Lukas

N°: 4


Introduction: Dangerous relationships, concealed identities and unsuspected secrets!

Release: 21/06/2014

Barcode: 977228412600440004

Plot: Michele Medda

Script: Michele Medda

Artwork: Frederic Volante

Cover: Michele Benevento e Lorenzo De Felici

While Lukas is working for Susan, one of Bianca’s friends, an old flame appears to be sparked again between Bianca and her ex, Alex. Bianca doesn’t have any idea that both Lukas and Alex are Reawakened. And Lukas doesn’t know anything about Bianca’s connection with the Reawakened he’s trying to find, the only possible evidence to piece together his past. But they are all unaware of something: also Harry, Susan’s husband, conceals an unsuspected secret…