War pigs

Series: Orfani

N°: 8

War pigs

Introduction: Pivotal moments and fateful decisions, both in the past and the present for our Orfani!

Release: 15/05/2014

Barcode: 977228330200340008

Price: 4,90

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Plot: Roberto Recchioni

Script: Roberto Recchioni

Artwork: Davide Gianfelice

Colors: Stefano Simeone

Cover: Massimo Carnevale


In the past: Jonas has to answer for his team’s disappointing results during the field action against terrorists… Therefore, Nakamura orders the Boyscout to eliminate one of his teammates, the one he believes to be the weakest link… Meanwhile, in the outer world, masses of hungry people take to the streets, attacking the police forces.

Now: the Orfani are tackling with a crucial choice. What will they do, after finding out that they had been duped and exploited? How will they react in the face of the shocking revelations that Ringo managed to extort from Dr. Juric? Will they obey Nakamura or take the side of Pistolero?