Series: Zagor

N°: 586


Introduction: On board of the sailer "Marilena", Zagor & Cico go on a hunt for the "Endurance", that's steering for the Antarctic...

Release: 03/05/2014

Barcode: 977112253400140637

Price: 3,90

Plot: Mauro Boselli

Script: Mauro Boselli

Artwork: Raffaele Della Monica

Cover: Gallieno Ferri


The "Endurance" ship – that’s carrying on board Dexter Green, Yambo and the Elsewhere agent, Lambert – manages to sail for the Antarctic, just befor being reached by the “Marilena”, in the harbor of Punta Arenas. Zagor appears to have come to a dead end, with his hunt for Green drawing to a close without him being captured... but Hilario and the other sailor friends of Zagor’s volunteer to follow the wake of the escaping ship! The two vessel start a race of speed and audacity. But it’s a race that risks to leave both crews stuck in the icy Antarctic sea...