Seicento anni dopo

Series: Speciale Brendon

N°: 11

Frequency: annual

Seicento anni dopo

Introduction: A shocking jump in the future, between sci-fi and the supernatural!

Release: 05/07/2013

Barcode: 977182645100030011

Plot: Claudio Chiaverotti

Script: Claudio Chiaverotti

Artwork: Giuseppe Viglioglia

Cover: Giuseppe Viglioglia

London, 2765: the huge skyscrapers reflect the profile of the flyers that cross the sky. A ruthless murderer accidentally finds an e-book called “The Brendon D’Arkness Chronicles”, where the adventures of one knight errant are told, in a dark post-apocalyptic Middle Age. One murder after another, the killer keeps on reading the e-book, with the lingering sensation of being somehow connected to the hero of those stories. But he cannot be ready to face an uncanny truth!...