Dylan Dog Color Fest 9

Series: Dylan Dog Color Fest

N°: 9

Dylan Dog Color Fest 9

Introduction: Four new, full-color nightmares!

Release: 08/08/2012

Barcode: 977197194700720009

Price: 5,50

Cover: Mario Alberti

Quell’hotel sulla spiaggia

Plot e Script: Mauro Boselli
Artwork: Luca Rossi
Colori: Overdrive Studio

To recover after a hard clash with a ruthless serial killer, Dylan Dog unwillingly accepts to spend a brief vacation in a seaside resort populated by strange characters. But a chain of horrible crimes will spoil his relax.

La tomba di ghiaccio
Plot: Maurizio Mantero
Script: Marco Belli
Artwork: Giovanni Freghieri
Colori: Sergio Anelli

Tod, a young man in dispair for the death of his fiancée, asks the dweller of Craven Road for help — he’s being haunted by a string of nightmares where the girl is desperately asking him to save her, before ice can swallow her. A case Dylan will be forced to accept in August, when the young man is found… frozen to death!

Il bottone di madreperla
Plot e Script: Barbara Baraldi
Artwork e colori: Paolo Mottura

An old lady, the owner of a notions store, has a problem with the thousands of buttons of her shop: night after night, somebody has fun in throwing them everywhere. And the woman has a hunch that the reason could be an infestation of gremlins!    
Anime senza pace
Plot e Script: Giovanni Gualdoni
Artwork: Leomacs
Colori: Overdrive Studio
A quiet house is shocked by a violent poltergeist, that’s spreading panic and fear among the people who live there. Called for the investigation, the Old Boy will find out that the place conceals a tragic story, buried in time...