Dylan Dog Color Fest 7

Series: Dylan Dog Color Fest

N°: 7

Dylan Dog Color Fest 7

Introduction: Four stories to discover all the colors of horror!

Release: 10/08/2011

Barcode: 977197194700710007

Price: 5,50

Cover: Raul & Gianluca Cestaro

Passaggio per l’Inferno
Plot and script: Fabrizio Accatino
Artwork: Gigi Simeoni
Colori: Fabio d’Auria.

Back in London, Dylan Dog has a little accident on an isolated and dark street. Forced to ask the first passing car for help, the Investigator will learn the hard way how dangerous it is to accept a ride from a stranger…

Il banco dei pegni
Plot and script: Sergio Badino
Artwork: Giancarlo Alessandrini
Colori: Chiara Fabbri Colabich

Those who end living under the “Bad Bridge” have lost everything in their lives. To survive, they can only resort to their dignity. Until someone or something doesn’t snatch also that from them, changing unlucky homeless people in mad suicides. To solve the puzzle, the Old Boy will have to join the deep ranks of this desperate people.

Luci della ribalta
Plot and script: Michele Medda
Artwork: Aldo Di Gennaro
Colori: Studio Rudoni

For the last thirty years, Dawn McCurtin appeared in every TV show in the United Kingdom. Her face’s so well known to be recognized by everybody. But it’s been a while since this “diva” began to vanish. Not only from people’s memory, but even from photos and recordings of her...

Strage di mezzanotte
Plot and script: Giovanni Gualdoni
Artwork: Montanari & Grassani
Colori: Studio Rudoni

Just like so many years ago, one of the mannequins in the Dastan department stores came back to life and, just like at that time, its goal appears to be killing everybody that crosses its path. Dyll rushes on its tracks in a race against the clock, to try and prevent yet another massacre.