Dylan Dog Color Fest 6

Series: Dylan Dog Color Fest

N°: 6

Dylan Dog Color Fest 6

Introduction: Love and death... with a feminine touch!

Release: 27/04/2011

Barcode: 977197194700710006

Price: 5,50

Cover: Laura Zuccheri

La villa degli amanti

Plot, Script, Artwork and Colors: Vanna Vinci

Dylan agrees to investigate the case of a mysterious historic mansion where a tragic comedy cyclically repeats itself, and the dwellers of the house are forced to play the roles of victims and tormentors. Will Dylan be able to escape the tragic fate waiting for him?

La camera chiusa

Plot and script: Rita Porretto & Silvia Mericone
Artwork: Simona Denna
Colors: Chiara Fabbri Colabich

Trapped in a small studio apartment, where he went to help a girl tackle an unidentified stalker, the Old Boy begins to live surreal situation, while trying to find an unattainable escape. This, under the unconcerned eye of a growing audience.

La predatrice

Plot and script: Paola Barbato
Artwork: Lola Airaghi
Colori: Stefania Faccio

Rachel is beautiful, funny, bold and she loves horror movies and pizza. Bloch and Groucho adore her. In fact, she looks like the perfect girl for Dylan, and they’re madly in love. Beware, though: appearances can be deceptive...

Tagli aziendali

Plot and script: Chiara Caccivio
Artwork: Valentina Romeo
Colori: Ketty Formaggio

Life as the Craven Road dweller knew it is over. After leaving London, Dylan now lives in the sleepy town of Stepdorf, where he’s a clerk in a big electronics firm. A life that he once would have simply called “a nightmare”. But that was a long time ago, before he had a wife... and a daughter.