Dylan Dog Color Fest 1

Series: Dylan Dog Color Fest

N°: 1

Dylan Dog Color Fest 1

Introduction: Four full-colour nightmares, full of unconscious-generated monsters who are back from death, and blinded by light!

Release: 08/08/2007

Barcode: 977197194700770001

Price: 5,50

Cover: Gabriele Dell'Otto

Cover: Gabriele Dell’Otto

Dylan in Wonderland
Plot and script: Giovanni Gualdoni
Artwork: Bruno Brindisi
Colouring: Studio Tenderini

The harmless flight from home of two kids becomes a nightmare when a scary Boogey Man starts following their tracks. Only the investigator from Craven Road could stop him, but for one thing— one of the young runaways is called nothing else than... Dylan!

Fuori tempo massimo
Plot and script: Roberto Recchioni
Artwork e colouring: Massimo Carnevale

Axel Neil isn’t just one of the many monsters Dylan Dog has faced at the beginning of his career. Axel Neil is the Monster par excellence, a man who used to kill his victims with an unbelievable fierceness. Even death refused to have him and after a long coma… Axel Neil has woken up again!

Plot and script: Tito Faraci
Artwork: Davide Gianfelice
Colouring: Studio Tenderini

Baldo, little Billy’s “imaginary” friend, has been kidnapped— to find him a “real” nightmare investigator is needed. Someone who can allow himself to be transported by his imagination inside his own dreams, provided that he can find his way back to reality.

Il vampiro dei colori

Plot and script: Giovanni Di Gregorio
Artwork: Giampiero Casertano
Colouring: Studio Tenderini

For he who lives in the shadow, nothing is as beautiful as the vivid colours of a world full of light. To have those colours, albeit for a little while, somebody is ready to try anything... even to challenge the famous Dylan Dog!