Il Legionario

Series: one shot

Frequency: one shot

Il Legionario

Introduction: In the Sahara desert, which was the venue of clashes between the French army and the Berber warriors, a mysterious hand is spreading death among the legionnaires of Fort Lejeune!

Release: 28/11/2006

Subject and script: Stefano Piani
Artwork: Renato Polese
Cover: Renato Polese

Saharan Morocco, 1925: in the desert set ablaze by the clashes between the French army and the Berber warriors headed by bloodthirsty Abd El-Krim, a young soldier lives through a tragic episode of revenge and betrayal. He’s called Jean Beaumont and he’s the son of the legendary general Frédèric Beaumont, who wears on his chest innumerable medals awarded for valor during his forty years in the Legion. Jean has to learn harsh military discipline behind the walls of Fort Lejeune, where the soldiers begin to be eliminated one by one, at the dead of night, by a faceless enemy. Whose is the hand that’s spreading death among these “heroes without a homeland”?