Maxi Zagor n°19

Series: Maxi Zagor

N°: 19

Frequency: annual

Maxi Zagor n°19

Introduction: Who are the strange figures that are trying to stop the construction of the Erie Canal?

Release: 17/01/2013

Barcode: 977182645300430019

Price: 7,90

Plot and script: Ade Capone
Artwork: Gaetano and Gaspare Cassaro
Cover: Gallieno Ferri

Thousands of workers are building the Erie Canal, a waterway that will connect the American North-Eastern coast with the Great Lakes. Among them, many forced-labour convincts, but also corrupt men who’re looking for easy money, thanks to the movement of cash, goods and people created by the works. There are also mysterious saboteur who are trying to hinder the excavation. Who are they? Why are they acting this way? And, above all, what’s the connection between the continuous accidents and the story of explorer Henry Hudson who, centuries ago, was looking for the legendary Northwest Passage? Zagor is here to investigate, and to fight...