Cuore nero

Series: Nathan Never Gigante

N°: 11

Cuore nero

Introduction: Nathan goes to Eurasia to protect a politician who’s facing a dead threat!

Release: 24/02/2007

Barcode: 977112157368170011

Plot and script: Alberto Ostini
Artwork: Antonella Platano Cover: Antonella Platano

Anton Yanovski, a trustworthy minister of Eurasia, is leading a strenuos parlamentary struggle to halt the power of “Novaja Mafija“, the new Mafia of his country. Understanding the danger he’s facing because of his opposition to the deadly criminal organization, Yanovski enlist the services of the Alfa Agency, asking to be escorted by an agent until the approval of his law bill. Once arrived to the White City, Nathan has a lot to do to try and save the politician and his family from the plan of shady characters that aren’t ready to lose all of their privileges. And in White City, Nathan will meet again Maori warrior Asjia, who’s seeking revenge after someone killed her lover…