Universi paralleli

Series: Nathan Never Gigante

N°: 9

Universi paralleli

Introduction: Infinite mysterious universes await Nathan Never and the Alfa agents in what could prove to be their most dangerous adventure!

Release: 29/03/2005

Barcode: 977112157368150009

Subject and script: Antonio Serra
Artwork and Cover: Gino Vercelli

Nathan Never his buddies who are sharing his adventure (Branko, May, Link, Sigmund and the newcomer Thorwald) are contacted by a mysterious being that entrusts them with an “impossible” mission: to go chasing through the infinite dimensions of the cosmos on the tracks of the specter of Ann Never, the daughter of our Alfa Agent, who has sent a message calling for help after setting off for space ages and ages ago. Nathan can hardly decline the task, but what are the real motives of the disturbing creature that has contacts them? And what might the consequences be of a dreadful journey of this kind for the psyche of our heroes, obliged as they are to come face to face with alternative realities that are sometimes quite unpredictable?