La grande minaccia

Series: Nathan Never Gigante

N°: 6

La grande minaccia

Release: 24/10/2001

Barcode: 977112157368110006

Subject and script: Stefano Vietti
Artwork and Cover: Germano Bonazzi

On Earth, the wars against the Technodroids are over now, and for mankind there opens up the prospect of a period of peace and reconstruction together with the one-time enemies. But all of a sudden, a pulsation is detected, generated from beyond a crack in the space-time continuum, in what seems to be a parallel universe. So Nemo, Nathan Never’s alter ego, decides to look into the mysterious phenomenon. Unfortunately, the Nautilus gets entangled in the “maelstrom”, and the Earth plays host to some newcomers, the “gray ones”, a mysterious race of ruthless beings devoid of the power of speech... and the struggle against them will immediately start raging!