Almanacco del mistero 2006

Series: Almanacco del Mistero

N°: 19

Almanacco del mistero 2006

Introduction: A sect of fanatics is spreading chaos in New York. They come from Africa and practice a cult that evokes demoniacal entities!

Release: 23/11/2005

Barcode: 977112262633150076

Price: 7,50

Il demone della Giungla

Plot and Script: Paolo Morales
Artwork: Paolo Morales, Davide De Cubellis, Fabio Grimaldi
Cover: Giancarlo Alessandrini

Africa is also the central theme of this Almanacco del Mistero 2006, which hosts a dossier dedicated to the “mysterious” side of the Black Continent. Here the countless incredible characters that have marked its history come to life again, from Prester John to Tarzan, from the Black Pharaohs to Giovanni Battista Belzoni, who brought to Europe numerous archeological finds dating from ancient Egypt.