Almanacco del Mistero 1997

Series: Almanacco del Mistero

N°: 10

Almanacco del Mistero 1997

Introduction: With Martin Mystère a dip deep into the world of the Impossible. All the mysteries of 1997: events, books, magazines. Dossier: the mysteries of the animal world. Creatures of the fantastic – legendary, impossible, monstrous creatures. A brand-new Martin Mystère episode: "L'ossessione del reverendo Dodgson". 192 pages of Zoological Mysteries!

Release: 01/11/1996

Barcode: 977112262600360022

L’ossessione del reverendo Dodgson
Plot and script: Alfredo Castelli/Andrea Pasini
Artwork: Paolo Morales
Cover: Giancarlo Alessandrini

In addition to the usual review of the mysteries of the past year, this Almanac presents a dossier on fantastic, monstrous and mysterious animals. The comic-strip also focuses on an animal, the Dodo: one of the favourites of Lewis Carroll (author of “ Alice in Wonderland”) and an extinct animal par excellence. In our days, there are some signs suggesting that in parts of South America, a colony of dodo have survived and there is someone prepared even to kill for the sake of locating them and getting hold of them.