Almanacco del Mistero 1989

Series: Almanacco del Mistero

N°: 2

Almanacco del Mistero 1989

Introduction: Scientists and witch-doctors, seers and anthropologists, lucid rationalists and incurable "oddballs": over the past two centuries all of them have proposed alternative hypotheses on the origins and evolution of the world. This is the theme of the Dossier of this Almanacco del Mistero 1989, which presents you with a mysterious History of the world starting from the Big Bang right up to Year Zero. And this isn't all, of course: with its feature articles and an adventure involving our favorite archaeologist, the Almanacco del Mistero plunges you into the inexplicable, the enigmatic, the incredible!

Release: 01/11/1988

“La scintilla
Plot and script: Alfredo Castelli
Artwork: Raffaele Della Monica
Cover and Computer graphics: Gabriele Pennacchioli

The Almanac opens with the part dedicated to the mysteries of 1988 and closes with a monographic dossier devoted to the mysterious history of the world, from the Big Bang to Year Zero. The central part is occupied by a comic-strip of Martin Mystère, in which we discover what would be the consequences of an epidemic causing the immediate disintegration of the bodies of those who die…

Note: Only the comic strip has been reprinted in MM Extra n. 4