Doppio gioco

Series: Tex Nuova Ristampa

N°: 6

Frequency: monthly

Doppio gioco

Release: 01/07/1996

Plot and script: Gianluigi Bonelli
Artwork: Aurelio Galleppini
Cover: Aurelio Galleppini

Devil’s Hole is in the hands of Amos and Bill Benton’s band. Amos kidnaps Dora Linyard’s father, the owner of some gold mines, to force the girl to marry him and thus get his clutches on the deposits. However, the Bentons have not taken Tex and Kit Carson into account! Meanwhile, Montales languishes in the Mexican jails following a coup d’ètat and before freeing him Willer must duel with the gunslinger, Ken Logan, snatch the beautiful Lupe Velasco from Don Esteban and his hired-ruffians and face Raimundo El Loco and his beasts!

In this issue: the preceding adventure extends from page 3 to page 109; from page 109 to page 162, “Ken Logan, il duellista”.

Tuesday 1 September 1959

Saturday 1 August 1964

Thursday 1 May 1986