Giorno maledetto

Series: Collezione Book

N°: 21

Giorno maledetto

Release: 01/02/1998

Barcode: 977112436000480021

Price: 4,50

Subject-writer:Sclavi e Toninelli
Script-writer: Marcello Toninelli
Artwork: Montanari and Grassani
Cover: Claudio Villa

The rumble of an engine in the country, death fills a masked motorcyclist’s shoes. There’s a raging glance behind his glasses and a genius of murder moves through his fingers. Hazel Dove has been tortured by bloody omens, perhaps she knows she’s the next victim. She knows that she’s the target of an atrocious revenge, and she realizes that she’s buried a memory at the bottom of her mind – the memory of a... cursed day!

Wednesday 1 June 1988

Wednesday 1 May 1991

Thursday 25 February 1993

Friday 4 January 2019