Jack lo Squartatore

Series: Collezione Book

N°: 2

Jack lo Squartatore

Release: 01/07/1996

Barcode: 977112436000460002

Price: 4,50

Plot and script: Tiziano Sclavi
Artwork: Gustavo Trigo
Cover: Claudio Villa

He’s back! The most celebrated of serial killers, the most elusive of nightmares is still walking through London fog... and he’s still killing! Jack the Ripper rises from the dead like a ghost evoked by unwary occultists and Inspector Bloch is at a loss what to do. How to stop a ghost’s hand? Dylan Dog investigates suspiciously... Is there maybe a murderer in flesh and blood hiding behind Jack’s mask?

Saturday 1 November 1986

Monday 2 July 1990

Tuesday 30 July 1991

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