L'alba dei morti viventi - Dylan Dog 01 cover

Series: Dylan Dog

N°: 1

L'alba dei morti viventi

Release: 01/10/1986

Barcode: 977112158000930001

Plot and script: Tiziano Sclavi
Artwork: Angelo Stano
Cover: Claudio Villa

An unsteady pace, a frozen hand, and an insatiable hunger for living flesh. The dead come out from their tomb to visit us; Sybil Browning, who escaped by the skin of her teeth from her husband’s jaws, knows what it feels like. The only one who can help her is a bizarre detective who plays the clarinet and nurses a passion for monsters and mysteries; his name is Dog, Dylan Dog. The Investigator of Nightmares and his inseparable mate Groucho follow the zombies’ steps up to the village of Undead, where the Mephistophelean Xabaras is waiting for them…

Sunday 1 July 1990

Sunday 30 June 1991

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