La Morte non dimentica

Series: Nick Raider

N°: 156

Frequency: monthly

La Morte non dimentica

Introduction: The karate killer is continuing to kill in order to escape from the shadows of his past… but for Nick too, it's like chasing a shadow!

Release: 05/05/2001

Subject and Script-writer: Alberto Ongaro (Alfredo Nogara) and Gianluigi Gonano (G. Anon)
Artwork: Renato Polese
Cover Illustration:

Colin Thomas is making the very last moves in his insane and desperate match, but every time he shows his cards there’s a new victim to bewail. Nick and Marvin are hard on his heels, and the karate murderer is beginning to leave to many tracks behind him. Or perhaps, what he wants is to pay his debt for some ancient crime. A death the memory of which has never ceased to torment him…