La donna senza nome

Series: Nick Raider

N°: 154

Frequency: monthly

La donna senza nome

Introduction: Non si fermano di fronte a nulla, e chi li guida sembra non essere mai esistito!

Release: 06/03/2001

Soggetto: Alberto Ongaro (Alfredo Nogara)
Sceneggiatura: Alberto Ongaro-Piero Fissore
Artwork: Enrico Massa
Cover Illustration: Corrado Mastantuono

No price is too high, in terms of blood spilled, when it’s a question of pulling their heists. They’re brutal armed robbers and the head of the gang is a mysterious woman… She’s merciless and unreachable. Nobody knows who she is… To halt the massacre, it’s necessary to give a face and a name to the unattainable woman, and Nick and Marvin find themselves in a trickier predicament than they’ve ever had to contend with before!