Lo strangolatore di Manhattan

Series: Nick Raider

N°: 3

Frequency: monthly

Lo strangolatore di Manhattan

Release: 14/08/1988

Plot and script: Claudio Nizzi
Artwork: Eugenio Fiorentini and Giuseppe Sgattoni
Cover Design: Giampiero Casertano

Six women tortured and strangled as they lay tied to their bed. Another serial killer is on the loose in Manhattan: Bowmann, the expert from the forensics labs, has the impression that the murderer always follows the same macabre ritual and that it’s his victims who actually open the door and let him in. Nick Raider has a flash of intuition, but to unmask the apparently highly respectable strangler he is forced to put a life at risk: that of his attractive colleague Mary Ford, who offers to be a bait.