Terrore sotto zero - Nathan Never 06 cover

Series: Nathan Never

N°: 6

Terrore sotto zero

Release: 01/11/1991

Barcode: 977112157300100006

Price: 3,50

Plot: Bepi Vigna

Script: Bepi Vigna

Artwork: Germano Bonazzi

Cover: Claudio Castellini

From the mining base Arctic 3 among the ice-floes arrives news of the possibility of using a high risk drug, polychloric euridal, which would be likely to cause mutations of the area’s fauna. Assuming the name of Thomas Ripley, Nathan Never is sent to the base to investigate. The only evidence he can put his hands on is a courier who has to deliver a shipment of drugs to the base. But in order to catch him the Alfa agent suddenly finds himself involved in a mad chase on board a driverless train…

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