Series: Napoleone

N°: 12

Frequency: Bimonthly


Release: 02/07/1999

Barcode: 977112579600090012

Subject and script: Diego Cajelli
Artwork: Pasquale Del Vecchio e Matteo Piana
Cover: Carlo Ambrosini

To consign a white rose means a death sentence for the Yazuka. That’s why you shouldn’t be surprised if Reiko’s father behaves as he does when he finds one on his house’s door. But the young Japanese writer also lives in Napoleone’s dreams in the role of a peasant called Reiko. And Reiko has been taken as prisoner by Shin, the necromancer of the Crystal Peak. Only the Air Dragon has the power to violate the inaccessible summit, but the curse that haunts the place might be fatal for Napoleone and his magic mount. Is the girl’s fate doomed?