Sangue su Bahia

Series: Zagor

N°: 570

Sangue su Bahia

Introduction: A slave riot will start soon, in the city of Bahia!

Release: 04/01/2013

Barcode: 977112253400130621

Price: 3,90

Plot and script: Moreno Burattini, Luigi Mignacco
Artwork: Mauro Laurenti, Raffaele Della Monica
Cover: Gallieno Ferri

After leaving the Amazonas, Zagor and Cico reach the coast of Brazil and go to the city of Bahia, where they hope to find Yambo and Dexter Green, the men they have been chasing for some time now. When they reach the city, they’re suddenly involved in the first clashes of a slave riot, that lay smouldering for a long while. The Spirit-with-the-Hatchet is jailed but, unexpectedly, an old friend of his risks his life to try and set him free...