Lady Charity

Series: Magico Vento

N°: 3

Lady Charity

Release: 01/09/1997

Barcode: 977112567200770003

Price: 3,20

Subject and script: Gianfranco Manfredi
Artwork: José Ortiz
Cover: Andrea Venturi

The angel of the slums of Chicago, the woman known as Lady Charity, is not exactly what she seems. Willy Richards, called Poe, soon realizes what the score is but, caught up as he is in the web the diabolical woman has woven for him, he runs the risk of going mad. Magico Vento is far away, too far to be able to come to his friend’s help; however, the thread that unites them eventually enables him to get there in time to respond to the courageous journalist’s cry for help.