La grande sete

Series: Tex

N°: 585

La grande sete

Introduction: A bloody war between poor people, unleashed by a ruthless speculator!

Release: 07/07/2009

Barcode: 977112156100890585

Price: 3,90

Plot and script: Gianfranco Manfredi
Artwork: Fabio Civitelli
Cover: Claudio Villa

Phoenix, Arizona. Locks, canals and rivers diverted from their natural course, take precious water away from fields under crop, to the advantage of the big city, that is growing increasingly more populated and developed. Tex and Carson find themselves protecting the Native farmers of the Pima tribe, from the aggression of the rival White farmers. The true responsibility of this war of the poor rests on Bill Lansdale, a shadowy speculator who turned a public property like water into a lucrative private business …

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