La croce fiammeggiante

Series: Tex

N°: 350

Frequency: monthly

La croce fiammeggiante

Release: 01/12/1989

Barcode: 977112156100800350

Plot and script: Claudio Nizzi
Artwork: Raffaele Della Monica
Cover: Aurelio Galleppini

Tex, who is in Alabama with Carson, goes to Starkville to greet his old friend Jimmy Barnett. Involved in a fight for having defended Arch, a black waiter, the rangers learn that Barnett has died in an accident. Helga, the widow, and McCook, the man who is supposed to survey the Barnetts’ ranch, suspect that Harry Harding, a ruthless racist, killed him because of his tolerant ideas. And while the Ku Klux Klan burns crosses and lynches poor Arch, someone attacks Helga and searches the farm, looking for a mysterious letter written by the deceased Jimmy Barnett!

Thursday 1 April 1993

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