La paga di Giuda

Series: Tex

N°: 106

Frequency: monthly

La paga di Giuda

Release: 01/08/1969

Barcode: 977112156100800106

Plot: Gianluigi Bonelli

Script: Gianluigi Bonelli

Artwork: Aurelio Galleppini, Erio Nicolò

Cover: Aurelio Galleppini

Hunted by Tex, who now recalls the past, the cowards responsible for the slaughter of the Navajos, and for Lilyth’s death, all ended up in hell: only Brennan managed to slink away. Today he has recycled himself as the owner of the Queen River, a floating New Orleans gambling den. The pards, allied with a band of likeable scoundrels, board the boat and set it on fire. Brennan, who has remained on board, sinks in the middle of a school of sharks! In Arizona, at the same moment that the destiny of the ruthless criminal is carried out, the wind breaks an old lance: the revenge has finally been carried out. A month later, the four pards start looking for Johnny Lingo...

In this issue: the preceding adventure extends from page 5 to page 82 (artwork by Galleppini); from page 83 to page 114, “Death Trail” (artwork by Nicolò).

Friday 1 December 1972

Sunday 28 July 1991

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