La carovana dell'oro

Series: Tex

N°: 95

Frequency: monthly

La carovana dell'oro

Release: 01/09/1968

Barcode: 977112156100800095

Plot and script: Gianluigi Bonelli
Artwork: Aurelio Galeppini/ Guglielmo Letteri
Cover: Aurelio Galeppini

Allied with the Seminoles, the four pards set fire to the jungle, while the soldiers of Fort Myers send a rain of cannon-balls against Baron Samedi’s castle: De Lafayette and Mephisto disappear under the rubble, while the voodoo followers die pierced through by Indian arrows or devoured by alligators! Loa is the only survivor, destined to become the slave of the Native American Yampas. Now that the Kingdom of the Great Snake has fallen, Tex follows the trail of a load of gold stolen by the Shoshones during the Civil War, during the attack on a caravan...

In this issue: the preceding adventure extends from page 5 to page 34 (artwork by Galeppini); from page 35 to page 114, “La carovana dell’oro” (artwork by Letteri).

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