Duello apache

Series: Tex

N°: 68

Frequency: monthly

Duello apache

Release: 01/06/1966

Barcode: 977112156100800068

Plot and script: Gianluigi Bonelli
Artwork: Aurelio Galeppini and Francesco Gamba/Guglielmo Letteri
Cover: Aurelio Galeppini

Allied with Big Snake’s Seminoles, Yellow Hands’s Cheyennes attack Fort Reno: only the military genius of Willer, who floods the area by blowing up the banks of the Powder River, prevents the worst. Surrender is discussed: after the aggressive Grosso Serpente is defeated in an Apache duel, a load of supplies brings back the good times. Once the hostilities have ceased, the pards face a feud in Painted Rock between the Mac Kennets and the Manders, rival families of breeders: young Jim Mander, in love with Loren Mac Kennet, has spent a year in jail, even though innocent, the victim of a conspiracy.

In this issue: the preceding adventure extends from page 5 to page 74 (artwork by Galeppini and Gamba); from page 75 to page 130, “Agguato tra le rocce” (artwork by Letteri).

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