Series: Tex

N°: 52

Frequency: monthly


Release: 01/02/1965

Barcode: 977112156100800052

Plot and script: Gianluigi Bonelli
Artwork: Aurelio Galeppini
Cover: Aurelio Galeppini

With guerrilla actions aimed at obtaining justice, Tex wears out and ridicules the army: the fanatic Colonel Elbert is captured, downgraded to a lower rank, stripped, cropped and sent into the desert without water! Meanwhile, thanks to the uproar stirred up by the journalist Floyd’s articles published in the “Washington Post”, the order to suspend military actions against the Navajos is sent from the capital. Governor Blister’s position is shaky and it is he who orders the arrest of his protégés Sam Hope and Bart Barlow, the two blackguards who had shed innocent Navajo blood.

Saturday 1 June 1968

Friday 28 April 1989

Monday 1 May 2000