Lo stregone

Series: Tex

N°: 49

Frequency: monthly

Lo stregone

Release: 01/11/1964

Barcode: 977112156100800049

Plot and script: Gianluigi Bonelli
Artwork: Aurelio Galeppini, Francesco Gamba, Virgilio Muzzi
Cover: Aurelio Galeppini

Blocking the ford that allowed El Moro’s band to move stolen cattle into Mexico, Tex, supported by Mano Gialla’s Comanches, deals the death-blow to the evil-doers of Laredo! El Moro gives it a final shot in vain: he captures Willer but, not having reckoned with Tiger Jack, he soon tumbles into Hell. The hood that hid his features finally comes off! The following autumn, Professor Nizon brings an ancient Aztec temple to light on the Mexican border, in which rest thirteen macabre mummies of great priests...

In this issue: the preceding adventure extends from page 5 to page 116 (artwork by Galeppini and Gamba); from page 117 to page 130, “La tredicesima mummia” (artwork by Galeppini and Muzzi).

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